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ACMeds: The easiest and most effective way to clean AC condensate drain lines

ACMeds Mold Elimination Dispenser System

ACMeds is a multi-patented device that cleans condensate drain lines with the touch of a button. ACMeds eliminates the mold, sludge, and algae build-up that occurs over time in air conditioner condensate drain lines.

 The ACMeds unit is lightweight, easily installed, and ships with 20ft. of tubing, and a 12 month warranty. The one *9-volt battery required is not included.

What Home and Business Owners Need to Know About Mold in the AC Drain Lines:

What happens to your AC that causes mold to build up and clog the air conditioner drain line? Basically, the AC companies install the air handler in your attic or closet depending on the home or Condo. The homeowner is provided with a warranty for the unit for a period of time. The AC drain line is a separate part of the system that has NO Warranties from the contractors. Wherever there is moisture, mold or algae will start to grow.

In the AC drain line, and areas with high humidity, the condensation or water dripping into the drain pan is a continuous occurrence. It doesn’t take much time for the mold to grow. Everyone has had clogged AC drain lines many of us never knew what caused them. The obvious clogs in the toilet are not a long term damaging clog. It’s those unexplained clogs the plumber was called out for and not really explained why the clog occurred or how to prevent it from happening again.

What Damage Can Mold in Air Conditioner Condensate Drain Lines Create?

It’s not a matter of will this happen to me, it’s a matter of when is it going to happen. Timing is never good but timing can be extremely bad. If your AC drain line clogs the water backs up in the drain pan and eventually flows over.

Many people have float switches installed, but these often fail. When they do work they shut down your AC unit. You are still forced to call someone to clear your drain line. We know this is not a cheap or convenient situation. When this is ignored water can overflow into the attic. You may not know for weeks of this issue until you see water dripping out of your light fixture or water spot in the sheetrock of your ceiling.

If this occurs during your vacation, this water can damage the ceiling, wood floors and carpet. This damage may not be covered by your insurance company deductible or claimed that poor maintenance was the result of this damage.

Why is it Important to Prevent Mold and Algae Build-Up?

This mold will build layers and combined with dust particles creates this sludge that clogs the air conditioner drain line. These ac drain line clogs can develop in the “P” traps in the attic or in the sinks of your home or office depending on the construction.

About the ACMeds Dispenser

The ACMeds dispenser is an automatic AC dispensing system that breaks up sludge in the ac drain line. It is the cleaning solution of the future and it is designed to provide a convenient and cost effective way of protecting homeowners from destructive water backup due to mold build-up and sludge.

It is robust, compact, reliable, automatic, and powerful.

How the ACMeds Unit Saves Homeowners Money

  • Insurance deductible savings.

  • Minimizes risk of costly water damage not covered by insurance deductibles.

  • Lowers risk of AC drain repair and black mold.

  • Prevents AC unit from shutting down on hot summer days due to clogged drain line.

No more trips to the attic. The ACMeds unit minimizes risk of water losses. It is a reliable and consistent method of preventing clogged condensate drains.

Easy Installation for Your AC Maintenance

The ACMeds unit attaches directly to the AC unit air handling unit drain line. With  one push of a button, the ACMeds unit is preprogrammed to automatically dispenses solution every 30 days. Refill the unit every six months. Replace the battery, and that’s it.  “One touch” and you are set until. It is compact, allows for unobtrusive use, and can be installed in any room, attic, office, or building.

Installs easily in any room, attic, office, or building.