What our customers say
about ACMeds:

I have installed the ACMeds device at my house and have not experienced any blockage of the condensate line since its installation.  My daughter and son-in-law also installed a unit at their house and has not experienced any blockage either.  It is a simple solution to an age-old problem.  I don’t understand why people everywhere are not doing this.  I have peace of mind when we are out to town as that is when problems seem to occur.

John M. a proud owner of ACMeds, Round Rock, TX.

I never would have thought a small drainage pipe could cause such stress? We went out of town on vacation only to get a call from the house-sitter. “I think something is going on with your kitchen ceiling, there is water dripping out of it.” Vacation over. To be told that the mess in our kitchen, the soggy sheetrock and the hole in our ceiling was caused by a build-up of sludge in a drainage pipe is maddening. What a pain in the neck. Two thoughts occurred to me:

1. Who thinks about their AC drainage line?

And 2. How could this have been prevented? The only people that think about their AC drainage pipe are probably those that have had it clogged, overflow and damage their home. Clean-up, insurance adjusters, estimates, repairs… who wants to deal with all that. I so wish I had known about MEDS before I had to deal with all of that.  Looking online, there are lots of suggestions as to how to clean the drain line but they seem sketchy and contradictory. I would rather not have to call in an AC company to do it. ACMeds is the perfect solution for me.

Chris W., Austin, TX.

AC drain line cleaner unit