The ACMeds Story

Why ACMeds?

Find out how Steve made it his mission to find a way to win the mold battle with his AC drain line once and for all.

What Inspired ACMeds?

I owned a house in Abilene Texas that I rented to students attending college at ACU. One day I received a message from one of the students who told me there was water coming out of the ceiling fans in the bedroom. It just so happened that Abilene recently had receive a lot of rain. So, I called a roofer to inspect the house for potential damage to the roof. I was told that the flashing was insufficient and some shingles needed to be replaced. I paid this contractor $1000 to repair the roof.

A few days later the student called me again and said the water was still coming out of the ceiling fan. I drove up to Abilene to see what repairs the roofer did thinking he might not have completed the job. Upon my inspection the roof looked great and seemed to be installed correctly. I crawled into the attic to see if I could tell where the water was coming from. This is not something you want to do in July in West Texas. Upon my inspection, I saw the drain pan to my air handler was full of water and apparently has been overflowing. The float switch that was installed failed to shut down the system. All of the insulation in a 10 foot radius  was damaged the sheet rock was bowed in half of the bedroom below. The carpet and pad in that area of the bedroom had was soaked. The students had placed a bowl there but it had overflowed on to the carpet.  

I contacted an Air Conditioning company to fix this problem. They came out and blew the drain line out and charged me $100. I had to contact another contractor to replace the sheet rock and texture the ceiling, dry out the carpet and pad and remove and replace the insulation in the attic. The total cost was $2700 due to this issue.

A couple years later in my house I notice that the sinks in our master bedroom had a slow drain. I went to the store and bought Drano and poured some  down both sinks and waited. Nothing happen, so I repeated this until the bottle was empty over a couple of days. One day I heard this company’s radio ad that said they would unclog your drain for $89. I called them to fix my drain. They scheduled a service call for a week later. Seems they were busy. When they did arrive. The service technician was in my house no longer than 10 minutes and said he knew what the problem was and fixed it. I asked what was the issue and he said that the AC drain line was clogged and he blew out the line. I was happy this was fixed. He also told me that I needed to pour bleach into the drain line every month and that I would never have this problem again. Lastly, he charged me the $89 plus service fee that totaled over $150.

This whole situation kind of bothered me because the technician knew what the issue was and said this happens all the time and that I was lucky to have caught it. Because the air handlers sweat and this condensation runs into the drain pan. This can amount to a lot of water and mold will grow in the pipes. When that mold grows to the point of closing that drain. The water will back up into the drain pan and then over flow into the attic our closet depending on the system you have.

If you have a float switch installed this will shut down the AC system and potentially save you the pain and suffering of dealing with repairs. Unfortunately, you will still need to contact a service technician to fix this situation. This will cost upward to $150 plus the time you are without air conditioning.

Since then, I have set up this company and developed our first product. I have in design two other products. I have received two patents on these products and we are shipping products. We are continually making improvements to our products and websites.