Worried about a clogged condensate drain line and their costly repairs?

We’ll make your worry of a clogged condensate drain line go away. Clean and simple.

Save Time

No more using bleach or wet vacs trying to clean the gunk out of your AC drain line. Save time and focus on what really matters.

Save Money

Repairing water damage from AC drain line overflows can be very costly. Stop the AC drain line build-up before it happens.

Gain Peace of Mind

Gain peace of mind and confidence knowing that your condensate drain lines are being protected from overflows.

3 Easy Steps to A Cleaner Condensate Drain Line...

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    Enjoy life without the worry of mold and build-up, knowing you're doing your part to keep your AC drain line clean.

The multi-patented ACMeds dispenser cleans your condensate drain line for you.

ACMeds Unit

Happy ACMeds Customers

I have peace of mind.

“I have installed the ACMeds device at my house and have not experienced any blockage of the condensate line since its installation. I have peace of mind when we are out to town as that is when problems seem to occur.”

John S. Moman, AIA, Round Rock, TX.

Ready to clean your condensate drain line while focussing on your business?

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