Worried about costly repairs from a clogged condensate drain line?

ACMeds keeps Your AC drain line clean the easy way.

Save Time

The ACMeds unit does the work for you. All it takes is the push of a button for the cleaning to start. No messes.

Save Money

Prevent costly water damage from overflows in your home while also saving money with an insurance deductible.  

Save Effort

No more struggling with bleach or wet vacs trying to clean the gunk out of your condensate line. Get rid of the hassle.

Clean Your AC Drain Line With the Press of a Button

Avoid the Hassle of Preventing Clogs

Trying to prevent clogs in your air conditioner drain line is a real pain. Because of that often hard-to-reach AC PVC pipe, using a shop vacuum to blow out clogs isn’t always an option. Even if you have easy drain line access, pouring warm water, bleach, or a cup of vinegar into the AC drain pipe is a messy and smelly challenge that may not remove clogs completely. 

Water Spots and Dripping Ceiling Bulges

Sometimes you don’t even find out you have a clogged condensate line until it is too late. Unfortunately, there aren’t always obvious signs until the damage is already done. You may return from vacation only to find a nightmare of water spots or dripping bulges on your ceiling. 

Why can these expensive problems happen? Air conditioners produce moisture. Normally, the moisture drips into the drain pain and flows through the line and out of your home. Over time, moisture, mold growth, and algae create a buildup of sludge. This blocks the drain pipe, and the condensation can’t flow freely through the line. The water will backup in the drain pan and will eventually overflow. Usually a plumber needs to be called, and then there will be water damage and costly repairs. The routine maintenance of cleaning of your AC drain line is the best way to prevent calling the plumber, especially in areas with a high humidity level.

The Vinegar and Water Trick

“I just pour a little vinegar and a bit of hot water into my AC unit and use my shop vacuum to suction the gunk out.”

Yes, lots of people try to keep their AC drain lines clean by doing the maintenance themselves. It’s absolutely possible to do so. However, many units are not easily accessible. The ACMeds unit does the work for you just by pushing a button no matter where the unit is located. 

ACMeds Does the Work for You

ACMeds makes the cleaning process simple. You won’t have to worry about an overflow again.

AC drain line cleaner for your home

Happy ACMeds Customers

I have peace of mind.

“I have installed the ACMeds device at my house and have not experienced any blockage of the condensate line since its installation. I have peace of mind when we are out to town as that is when problems seem to occur.”

John S. Moman, AIA, Round Rock, TX.

3 Reasons to Use ACMeds to Clean Condensate Drain Lines:

The multi-patented ACMeds dispenser cleans your condensate drain line for you with the push of a button.

AC drain line cleaner unit

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