Why Do AC Condensate Drain Lines Get Clogged?

AC Condensate Drain Line Clogged with Sludge

AC condensate drain lines are the perfect breeding ground for algae and mold growth. Over time, build-up of algae and mold create a sludge that will eventually block the condensation and moisture that needs to be let out of the AC system. This type of clog in the condensate line can cause the drain pan to overflow and create thousands of dollars worth of water damage. 

But My AC Runs Great!

The air conditioning unit itself is not the problem. Your condensate drain line could be fully clogged and you would never know until you see a leak. Clogged drain lines do not effect the air conditioner itself. That’s why it is so important to clean the condensate drain pipe. Even though your 10 year old air conditioner is running great, the condensate drain line may have never been cleaned. This is especially true if you are not the original owner of the home. Also, those drain lines are often tough to get to. It might be in an attic or basement. Or, it might be practically buried under bushes on the side of the house. Hard to find, let alone clean.

Cleaning the AC drain line does not have to be difficult. But, it does have to be done and should be done every six months. It’s just one of those home maintenance tasks that nobody enjoys doing, but so glad it’s done. Really, you need to make sure you clean it. Doing so will save you money in the end because a leak could seriously cause damage to your home. There are many DIY ways to clean the AC drain line such as pouring a cup of vinegar or chlorine bleach into the line. You need to at least be doing that. But we think our ACMeds unit is the easiest way to keep your drain line clean with one touch of a button twice a year. It just doesn’t get easier than that.

– Steve

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