Old House With Clogged Condensate Drain Line?

When buying an older home, it is important to check the AC condensate drain line for clogs. It is not uncommon to find out the an AC drain line hasn’t been cleaned in several years. Who knows what kind of build-up is in the drain line or how blocked the line could be.

Clean Out the Line

If you are purchasing an older home and you can’t talk to the previous owners to see if the line has been cleaned regularly, it is probably best to assume it is at least somewhat clogged. You will need to flush out the drain line before installing an ACMed’s unit, just to be safe. Especially if the house is located in an area with hot and humid temperatures during the year.  The safest thing would be to hook up a wet vac to the drain line and suck out any sludge or algae build-up that might be clogging the line.

Purchasing a house is one of the biggest investments in a person’s lifetime. The last thing you need after moving in is to have a flood caused by a overflowing condensate drain line. It is better to be cautious and assume the line is clogged, suck out debris in the line, and then continue to keep cleaning it regularly twice a year. It’s a safe way to protect your investment.

– Steve

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